Podcasts, blogs, and media

I’ve been thinking about media a lot lately.  Especially after starting this blog and my new Culture Chat Podcast. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been opposed to ‘social media’.  I miss the intimacy of getting a personal call from a friend with big news, instead of an announcement on Facebook.  I appreciate the […]

Test Prep

Every 3 years all Wah Lum instructors take the Sifu test, even if they have previously certified.  Why?  Standards.  In order to maintain the highest standards and quality of instruction, we are all required to test in front of Grandmaster Chan and our peers.  Yes, even I have to test!  This weekend, my kung fu brothers and […]


I can’t remember the last time I sat down to do a real puzzle. Not a 10-piece puzzle with a toddler while babysitting, but a real puzzle. Tina doesn’t have too many activities on board, so I thought she might enjoy doing a puzzle or playing a board game. She went to the shelf of […]