The Truth About Losing Belly Fat

We’ve all seen magazine and internet articles with titles like this: “The 5-Second Flat Belly Trick!” Or: “6 Days to a Six-Pack!” But here’s the truth  Belly fat isn’t eradicated quickly, nor is being “totally shredded” always the most productive health goal. However… Some types of belly fat are associated with health risks. Visceral fat—that’s […]

That Class Was Easy?

One of the most frustrating things an intermediate or advanced student can say at the end of a class is, “That class was easy!” An advanced student understands positioning, leverage, tension, and intention. They can make a beginner or basic class very challenging, or they can make a very challenging class manageable, based on what […]

Off The Wagon Real Talk

What if we treated “off the wagon” periods as a natural and normal part of the entire experience of change and growth?  When speaking to potential students, few things motivate healthier choices better than waking up with meat sweats, heartburn, a hangover, or general discomfort when moving around…. If the past few years have taught […]

What Training Should Do

Quick message for you today on the Control Your Health Strength Training Philosophy.  Here are the ABCs of strength training as I see it.  A: Prevent injury through awareness and safety.  Kind of a no brainer, but just because something looks cool doesn’t mean it’s what is good for you. The right fitness program should […]

Tip of The Week: Slow Eating

I’m a big believer that slow and mindful eating is one of the MASTER SKILLS for fat loss. Because the goal is to eat a sufficient amount to be reasonably comfortable, but not more than that. This week I wanted to share some recent research published in Appetite on how what you hear while you […]

Can I Get A Spell Check Please?

Seriously!? Again!? That is my internal response when my wife finds grammatical errors in my weekly emails. Comments usually (and maybe too often) go something like this….  “Oh… oops! You wrote there instead of there are. Huh?” I proceed to take a deep breath and forgive myself.  Because it’s ok to make mis-steaks (that was […]

Sloth and Gluttony

I’m going to “attempt” to summarize a message from a mentor (and frequent Sifu Mimi Chan Show Podcast Guest) Coach Dan John about sloth and gluttony.  It appealed to my Catholic childhood.  It goes like this… sort of: We get fat (insert: “out of shape” because I know some are sensitive to the F word) […]

Tip of the Week: You Are the Solution

Anyone else get a ton of email marketing ads? As I was thinking about my shortcomings, I realized there is no shortage of information bombarding me! So the most appealing services, methods, and products are the ones that promise a specific solution. This service provides comfort and makes us believe that whoever is providing the […]

The Simplest Way to Eat Better

Hello Friend, I get a lot of questions about nutrition and notice that most people worry about the little details: “Are potatoes fattening?” “If I don’t drink a protein shake after my workout, is it even worth exercising?” “Is keto really the best way to lose weight? Or should I be doing Paleo? Or what […]

Test Prep

Every 3 years all Wah Lum instructors take the Sifu test, even if they have previously certified.  Why?  Standards.  In order to maintain the highest standards and quality of instruction, we are all required to test in front of Grandmaster Chan and our peers.  Yes, even I have to test!  This weekend, my kung fu brothers and […]


I can’t remember the last time I sat down to do a real puzzle. Not a 10-piece puzzle with a toddler while babysitting, but a real puzzle. Tina doesn’t have too many activities on board, so I thought she might enjoy doing a puzzle or playing a board game. She went to the shelf of […]