Can I Get A Spell Check Please?

Seriously!? Again!?

That is my internal response when my wife finds grammatical errors in my weekly emails. Comments usually (and maybe too often) go something like this…. 

“Oh… oops! You wrote there instead of there are. Huh?”

I proceed to take a deep breath and forgive myself. 

Because it’s ok to make mis-steaks (that was intentional). 

Especially when it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness. Most of us have failed in a particular goal because we expected perfection. 

Fear of failure can be motivating for some things, but when it comes to something like dieting and fat loss, it is almost impossible. 

For example, the best meat you can have is grass-fed beef. 

Great, but was it ethically slaughtered? 

Was it ethically slaughtered by a Tibetan Warrior monk? 

By a monk with one arm? 

Right arm or left arm missing? 

This is pretty ridiculous, and not only because everyone knows it has to be the left arm. 

But our nervous system has a funny way of working, “Oh, I was going to do this but I went to a party and I wasn’t perfect, so… Ben and Jerry’s.”

Disregard perfection as a goal, and it will be an act of compassion and kindness towards yourself. 

Forgive yourself, move on, and decide to do something that will get you closer to your goals. 

That’s why we tell our students at Wah Lum that we can always make an adjustment to a particular exercise or move. 

Or if you were stuck in traffic, just drive safely and get into class a little bit late. (if possible just leave earlier… you know who you are)

Coming in and doing something is better than nothing!

With nutrition, don’t think about what you need to stop doing, but what you can add to make your meal more nutritious. 

That’s all for know, I have to help my almost perfect wife with something. (see what I did there?)

Sifu Oscar


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