歡 迎   Welcome! Explore one of the most authentic Chinese martial arts styles taught today. Click on your favorite topic and open the gates to a traditional art form with a culture of over a thousands of years!

We welcome you to come and visit us at the Wah Lum® Temple, the first kung fu temple built in the United States.

We are open to visitors! CLICK HERE to set up a visit / call 407-275-6177 */ email kungfu@wahlum.com / text us at 407-558-3362.
In response to the coronavirus – Covid19 the Temple will be closed until further notice. In an effort to help flatten the curve and keep all students healthy classes will be canceled. ONLINE CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE and we are accepting new students. Email us at kungfu@wahlum.com to get started!

Wah Lum ® Temple in Orlando, Florida

Sifu Mimi and Wah Lum performs at San Diego Comic Con

Learn about our history and Grandmaster Chan in the award winning documentary Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer. WATCH AND DOWNLOAD ON AMAZON or order the DVD!

Check out our newest Wah Lum Films production: Ten Fit Commandments Music Video!