Wah Lum® Instructors are tested every 3 years to maintain the quality of the system of each schools. Only those listed below have been tested & certified within the last 3 years and are qualified to teach the Wah Lum® system.  

If you know of anyone or school not listed and is teaching or advertising that they are affiliated with the Wah Lum® system, this is a false claim.  Only those listed here have been sanctioned by Grandmaster Chan and the Wah Lum® system to teach the style.  

It is considered disrespectful to teach Wah Lum® without the approval from the Grandmaster and the Wah Lum® Headquarters.  

You can contact us to verify their credentials at or call (407) 275-6177.  With your help we can maintain the high quality of instruction that students expect from a world class system.

United States
Sifu Mimi Chan
Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple
851 North Goldenrod Road
Orlando, FL 32807
(407) 275-6177
Sifu Harry Wai Chi Lo
662 N. Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 255-1048
Sifu Bob Rosen
Wah Lum Kung Fu Athletic Association
N.E. Headquarters
17 Edinboro Street
Boston (Chinatown), MA 02111
(617) 350-7530
Sifu Mary Driscoll
Wah Lum Wellness LLC
468 Merrimack Street
Methuen MA 01844
(978) 725-2595
Sifu Mai Du
Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy
124 Ferry St.
Malden, MA 02148
(781) 397-0338
Sifu Mai Du
Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy
1229 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA 02169
(781) 397-0338
Sifu Jamie McGuire
Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center
3 Grove St.
Berkley, MA 02779
(508) 930-6366
North CarolinaOregon
Sifu Matthew Martin
7921 Ray Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 988-0765
Sifu Hiep Dang
121 SW Salmon St
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 217-4381
Sifu Leroy Kautz
108 Carr St
Knoxville, TN 37919
‭(865) 558-8555
Sifu Hedison Mui
Farmers Branch Recreation Center
14050 Heartside Place
Dallas, TX 75234
(508) 955-3823

Sifu Torsten Landau
Wah Lum Pai Germany
Kampfkunstschule Wah Lum Pai
Ostmarkstr. 92
48145 Munster, Germany
02571 921038
Sifu Michael Johnson & Sifu Peta Hackel
Oberneuhofstr. 7
6340 Baar

Certified Instructors
Oscar Agramonte (Wah Lum FIT & Control Your Health)
Marcus Chinfatt
James Defillips
Tom Dolgos
George Kee
Charles Payne
Jason Sanford
Tu Truong

Associate Instructors
Jessica Martin
Lei Ann Resurreccion
Andrea So
Amy Tran