Wah Lum Demo Team shows


A diverse team of professional performers from the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple. Under the leadership of internationally acclaimed Grandmaster Chan Pui and led by Sifu Mimi Chan, this demonstration team delivers exciting performances and shows instilling inspiration and appreciation for martial arts and the Chinese culture. Wah Lum Demo team has performed at all the major theme parks in the Florida area. Dynamic, exciting shows are available for any special occasion: weddings, grand openings, conventions, and celebrations.

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Performance Repertoire
  • Chinese lion dance
  • Dragon dance
  • Flag acrobatic routine
  • Tai Chi seminars & demonstrations
  • Powerful open hand & weapons forms
  • Choreographed fight sets
  • Martial arts stunt performers for film
  • Traditional ribbon dancing
  • Traditional Chinese Drum Team
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Lion Dance History

Lion Dance murals and engravings have been found dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 221 AD). Although lions are not naturally indigenous to China, so the dance was probably developed through foreign influence. Artists created replicas of the animals using materials such as paper (mache’) and bamboo. The dance eventually became a traditional part of Chinese culture.

Legend has it that the lion was made to drive off an evil monster that was raiding Chinese villages. Since then, the lion has been considered a good omen and takes part in happy occasions in Chinese communities around the world.

Festive events begin with a lion dance performed to the accompaniment of musicians playing the drum, gongs and cymbals. Two dancers play the lion and cooperate to show it sleeping, waking, scratching, stretching, eating, running, jumping and playing ball. The lion may also perform special tricks such as getting laycee (lucky money). A Happy Buddha plays with the lion and takes it through its tricks. A lion is traditionally considered the “soul” of a kung fu school. It demonstrates the skill and prowess of its school as it performs.

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is also a good luck symbol and may be 15ft-over 100ft long. The dragon dance is always lead by the “ball” and is performed at festive occasions. Similarly to the lion dance, the dragon is performed to music with drums, cymbals, and gongs.