Success Stories



“Kung fu has helped my back problems and enabled me to walk better. My focus has improved in various aspects of my life. I’m happy to say, I’ve done my first somersault in 25 years.” – Hugh Scrafton




johanna“Johanna decided to do kung fu because we wanted her to participate in a fun and challenging activity that would promote health and wellness which is the most important thing to us. We also wanted to instill a sense of self confidence in her that we thought martial arts would help with. The best part about training at Wah Lum is learning the exercises and connecting with teachers and others in the community who share the same ethnic background giving Johanna exposure to her own culture. I feel other kids can improve their health and well being by doing kung fu, because it has helped Johanna with remaining fit. Johanna continues to train at Wah Lum because she truly practicing the art of kung fu and sharing that experience with her fellow classmates.” – Amy Him, Parent


stephanie“Wahlum Kung Fu might just be the thing I was missing in my life. I have tried many martial arts, but I think I may have finally found my niche in Wahlum. Since I started training, my physical health has improved. I feel stronger, healthier, and my energy levels have increased a lot! In fact, I have more energy throughout the days even when I am not training. The biggest physical improvement for me are the strength of my legs. They’re becoming stronger by the day and even running has become more effortless for me.  Additionally, my life has just become better. I am happier and my relations with people in the workplace and in my personal life have improved drastically. My mind is clear and my personality is beginning to shine again, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”  – Stephanie Onofri




“Wah Lum has helped our whole family learn how to exercise together. It has become a new way of relaxing and having fun.
Practicing Kung Fu at Wah Lum over the past eight weeks has healed my five-year old knee injury more than physical therapy, more than waiting, and more than a year’s worth of stretching and running. It has strengthened my knee so much so quickly that I now have a real hope for its full recovery within the next few months.” Ravi Jain





“Since training at the Wah Lum Temple, I have benefited from weight loss and improved balance and flexibility.” – Christopher Scrafton





15601_10153329066187112_1842895290580595715_n“I am perhaps the oldest student at the Wah Lum temple 64 years old, kung fu has had such a positive effect on my health and my mind such as I never thought possible. This is not a place where you just learn to defend yourself but a place where you do things you never thought possible the teachers [sifus] are specially trained highly skilled people. If you start training you will never be the same, I am in better shape now then I was at 40.” – Louie Calle




10862614_10153037813062112_7979524578089424559_o“To begin, I found myself after graduate school to be pretty out of shape and generally stressed out. Frankly, I had never dealt with stress well and throughout my life I struggled with various issues related to it. School only amplified these issues. I needed to find something to help me deal with it. This ultimately lead me to Wah Lum. I have stuck with it because it allows me to deal with stress and anxiety by channeling it in a productive manner. It has become a way to center myself and clears my mind in a way that nothing else has. Obviously, Wah Lum is physically demanding and i am in much better shape. But the biggest reason I am devoted to it is that the discipline and focus required by Wah Lum is mentally cathartic and keeps me grounded. A big thanks to Sifu Mimi Chan and Sifu Tu. I am so proud to be a member of the Wah Lum community!” – Daniel Taylor






“I have been involved with martial arts off and on since I was 9 years old. I have always enjoyed traditional systems which are geared toward the understanding of excellence more than they are toward immediacy of martial effectiveness. I feel that training, the journey, is more important that the destination. I also believe in a system which promotes effective martial techniques so that if you grasp the depth of the art your self defense with be devastatingly effective. I feel that Wah Lum perfectly blends art and effectiveness and that is why I train there.What I love, on the personal level, is the community of Wah Lum. Being a part of that environment is energizing and inspirational. What I love personally is the joy of movement that I experience as I strive to understand the roots and purpose of this engaging art.” – Mitchell Tartock





10686940_10153329067072112_9154433828368040310_n“Ivan decided to do kung fu because he loves martial arts. Ivan loves challenging himself with the relays and activities during fun time.
I feel other kids can improve their health and well being by doing kung fu, because it has helped Ivan with his flexibility.” – Noelle Chik, Ivan’s mom





10923813_10153019516267112_3496332580522761920_o“Before I came to the Wah Lum Temple, I was suffering from serious old injuries and had not been involved in any workout program since I returned from California. I had practiced some Tai Chi there a couple years earlier and had begun to understand its benefits. I was week in the legs from those traumatic injuries, walked only with great pain, and couldn’t standing on my right leg at all. After only a few months studying the art three times a week and at home, I experienced a noticeable reduction in pain all over, regained strength in my legs, specifically reduced joint pain and enjoyed greater lung capacity from correct breathing (important to anyone trying to keep up an active life style as they get older). Needless to say, I recommend Tai Chi in general for EVERYONE and specifically the Wah Lum Temple for its strict adherence to the traditional form and function of the art; providing the best results for body and mind.” – Reid Carlson


“I have felt happier since I started learning kung fu, and I feel welcome in a community where people have similar interests.” – Aurelia Scrafton

Thank you to Grandmaster Pui Chan for his being broadminded and with open heart of sharing Kung Fu to all who are interested regardless of race, age, gender and nationality. You are an inspiration. It all started from you for having it here in America. You are a remarkable man.” – Melanie Veloso

“If the health benefits of kung fu are not obvious, one only needs to see Grandmaster Chan or the demo team in action. For someone in his seventies, Grandmaster Chan’s strength, flexibility and agility are unreal. In the small effort I have made so far, the benefits and positive changes in my life are evident in nearly everything I do. Simple things like playing with my boys, or household chores, or yard work, or washing the car, are practically effortless compared to my sedentary days. Even getting up out of a bed or chair feels different. It is nearly like having super powers and I love it. Kung fu is the perfect complement to a sedentary career where I am planted in front of a computer for hours, sometimes days, and it is now an essential part of my work-life balance. I will continue to train because the constant challenges, constant learning and growing, with mind and body staying fit, flexible and strong is a way of living I never want to give up. To Sifu Tu, Sifu Marcus, Sifu Oscar, Sifu Mimi, Sihing Jason and all my kung fu brothers and sisters thank you for all your patience, teachings and inspiration.” – Karl Simpson.

“I think it is a wonderful experience. It really shows students how to be dedicated and hard working. Giving you confidence and making one realize that life isn’t easy and to accomplish something you have to put your strength, mind and soul into it.” –  Justin Rivera

“ Thomas started kung fu when he was 6 and didn’t have much say in the matter, although he was curious about it because he had a school friend who was involved. We thought that it would be good for him because he was having some issues with core and overall strength, motor skills, and focus at school. We had been to an occupational therapist to help with this, and started in the Pee Wee class about the same. Many of the movements that the therapist had him doing were things that he was doing at Pee Wees. He didn’t need the therapy for long and he was soon hooked on the kung fu! The best part about training at Wah Lum is for Thomas it’s social and also a great “change of scenery” from school, video games, etc. I feel other kids can improve their health and well being by doing kung fu, because it has helped Thomas with strength, balance, coordination, focus, and working towards a goal. It has also exposed him to the cultural aspects of kung fu. Thomas continues to train at Wah Lum because all of the above, plus it is FUN! – Paige Wolpert, parent

“Before joining Wah Lum I was looking for a Tai Chi teacher that had traditional principles and training. I found it with Wah Lum and Sifu Suzy and Grandmaster Chan. The best part about training at Wah Lum is the deep understanding of traditional Tai Chi and the caring and friendly atmosphere. I feel like I belong to a family of people who have a different understanding of health and wellness. I feel others should take control of their health and start training to because it has helped me remain flexible, strengthen my core, keep my mind active with learning new skills and drills, has many opportunities to be even healthier and stronger than I am currently. I continue to train because I enjoy the ancient art of Tai Chi and it’s teachings. I particularly like the physical and mental aspects of training.” – Jane Scaletta