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We proudly share the remarkable journeys of individuals who have harnessed the power of these ancient disciplines to transform their lives. Let the success stories be a sanctuary of inspiration and achievement within the realm of Kung Fu and Tai Chi fitness.

kung fu student testimonial

kung fu student




To begin, I found myself after graduate school to be pretty out of shape and generally stressed out. Frankly, I had never dealt with stress well and throughout my life I struggled with various issues related to it. School only amplified these issues. I needed to find something to help me deal with it. This ultimately lead me to Wah Lum. I have stuck with it because it allows me to deal with stress and anxiety by channeling it in a productive manner. It has become a way to center myself and clears my mind in a way that nothing else has. Obviously, Wah Lum is physically demanding and i am in much better shape. But the biggest reason I am devoted to it is that the discipline and focus required by Wah Lum is mentally cathartic and keeps me grounded. A big thanks to Sifu Mimi Chan and Sifu Tu. I am so proud to be a member of the Wah Lum community!”

Daniel Taylor



success storiesBefore I came to the Wah Lum Temple, I was suffering from serious old injuries and had not been involved in any workout program since I returned from California. I had practiced some Tai Chi there a couple years earlier and had begun to understand its benefits. I was week in the legs from those traumatic injuries, walked only with great pain, and couldn’t standing on my right leg at all. After only a few months studying the art three times a week and at home, I experienced a noticeable reduction in pain all over, regained strength in my legs, specifically reduced joint pain and enjoyed greater lung capacity from correct breathing (important to anyone trying to keep up an active life style as they get older). Needless to say, I recommend Tai Chi in general for EVERYONE and specifically the Wah Lum Temple for its strict adherence to the traditional form and function of the art; providing the best results for body and mind.

Reid Carlson


 “Learning Kung Fu at Wah Lum has helped me boost my confidence.”

-Loveyeah Magsalay


“Kung Fu is really beneficial because it has helped all aspects of my physical and mental health”

-Cyrus Homayouni


I think it is a wonderful experience. It really shows students how to be dedicated and hard working. Giving you confidence and making one realize that life isn’t easy and to accomplish something you have to put your strength, mind and soul into it.

–  Justin Rivera

I feel like my circulation has gotten better, including lower blood pressure. I find that work is less tiring, that I have more energy throughout the day, and that I sleep really, really good. These are just some of the physical benefits that I receive from kung fu, and they help with my everyday life.

My ability to focus, especially in times of stress has changed. In fact, the ability to manage stress altogether is better. If I start to feel stressed by a situation, I just breathe in through my nose, out through my mouth while keeping my tongue on the roof of my mouth like in Buddha hand breathing exercise. My self-confidence has increased from kung fu. Also, my general mood and feeling of well-being is more consistent and positive. I feel that practicing kung fu has helped my body better regulate my endocrine system.
Kung fu benefits me because it gives something to work towards that I enjoy. It is something that I can always keep learning and improving. There is always a new goal to achieve, something to work hard for and feel really good when you accomplish each step. It is difficult, so it reminds me to be humble, patient and allow the process to happen in order to move forward. The wanting to succeed in kung fu causes me to make better healthier decisions every day.
Most importantly, practicing kung fu has allowed me to meet great people that share a common interest in something wonderful.
 – Matthew Veley


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