That Class Was Easy?

One of the most frustrating things an intermediate or advanced student can say at the end of a class is, “That class was easy!”

An advanced student understands positioning, leverage, tension, and intention.

They can make a beginner or basic class very challenging, or they can make a very challenging class manageable, based on what they’re feeling that day.

Advanced (or challenging) doesn’t have to mean advanced material. It can simply mean making a particular exercise more difficult.

Learning to manage inner tension, intensity, and intention is a master skill that will serve you well in your martial arts journey.

Realize that those skills are in your hands, but you don’t and shouldn’t work maximally every time you train.

Sometimes your body is going to need a class that just makes you feel good.

This is okay!

In fact, I think it’s good to train this way regularly and consistently. But don’t expect drastic body changes that way.

You are going to have to push yourself sometimes.

Intensity drives adaptation. Intensity is your choice, and difficulty is scalable to your skill level.

If you leave class bragging that it was too easy, just realize that you haven’t built the skills yet to make it challenging.

End rant!

I do love hearing from you, so let me know about the last class you did that was challenging!

Sifu Oscar


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