The kids are all grown up!

When people ask me how long I have been teaching, and I say over 25 years, I often get a confused look.  Perhaps because I look so young! ha.  I wish!

I often think about age and experience and realize those two numbers represent entirely different things.  Just because someone is ‘older’, doesn’t make them more experienced in things they haven’t practiced.  Just because someone is ‘younger’, doesn’t mean they don’t have experience.  Reading those lines back is confusing, but basically… you know, the old saying: don’t judge a book by its cover!

I have the perfect story for this that dates back to… oh maybe 18+ years ago.  I was attending the Yee’s Hung Ga tournament in New York, and had brought my students with me.  My friend was a male Sifu from Yee’s and we went to meet an uncle of one of my students.  When we arrived, the uncle immediately ran over to my friend and shook his hand exclaiming how happy he was to meet his nephew’s Sifu.  Embarrassed, my friend said, “No, no, I’m not his Sifu, she is his Sifu.”  The uncle did a double take, because as you can imagine this was about 18 years ago, so I looked even younger (lament), and I was a she, not a he!

2017 Test Weekend – Lady Sifus
2008 Test Weekend – Lady Sifus



I always laugh at these situations, and don’t get too offended, because this is the stereotype I have dealt with my whole life.  I am really proud that in the Wah Lum system there are several female Sifus and a good number of female kung fu practitioners.  My father is always really proud of this fact as well. *Girl power!*

Post instructor certification weekend, I’ve been doing a lot of ‘thinking about the old days’.  Perhaps this is because I had 2 students from my earlier demo teams testing together this year. (Matthew Martin of Wah Lum of Raleigh and Hiep Dang of Wah Lum of Portland)  It was a double take for me to watch them both testing together after all these years.  This was Matt’s 3rd test and Hiep’s 1st test.  I cannot believe how quickly time goes by.  On top of it all, they were fight partners and teammates for a long time.  I never imagined they would both be testing to become a Sifu and that they would even produce students of their own one day.  As I don’t have biological children, I imagine this is what a parent feels like when their kids are all grown up!  I’ve been through so much with these guys, been to their weddings, been through hard times… and now they have decided to follow the path of becoming a Sifu.  They have chosen to propagate and share Wah Lum with others.  I am proud.

I am really proud of the growth of the entire Orlando branch of the Wah Lum tree, the students that have studied with Sifu Tu Truong and I at the Temple.  Antonio Guerrerio of Wah Lum of Brasil, who has been traveling back and forth to the Temple for the past 20 years.  Torsten Landau of Wah Lum Germany, who has been spending his summer training with us for the past 9 years. Last but certainly not least, Oscar Agramonte, my husband who has taken the word partner to another level with being not only my husband, but my partner in Wah Lum.  (not an easy task)

I look forward to watching them grow as instructors and meeting their students. I look at all the members of the Wah Lum family and am overwhelmed by the growth of this tree with so many branches.  All from the seed that my father planted.  He took the teachings of his Master and brought it to the USA to share with the world.   I like to remind my students that they are part of something so much bigger than just the classroom they are standing in.  Somewhere in the world there are others lining up to ‘bisan‘ and start their kung fu class just as they are.  How cool is that?

Torsten, Matt, Hiep, Antonio
Torsten, Matt, Hiep, Antonio



Introducing… Culture Chat


Dramatic? Me???

Although kung fu is a creative outlet, I often miss the career path I dabbled in years ago in acting and stunt work for film.  I miss the work, and it shows through some of my past projects like Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer and Journey to the West (right).

I was told by my partner in crime, O, that it was a good idea to start a blog.  O said that the life I lead is anything but typical, and that sharing the nuances of my day to day might be interesting to people.

It is my belief that if you say you are going to do something out loud to another person, it is more likely you will get it done.  So I am hoping that you will help hold me accountable to some of the projects I hope to accomplish this year.  I have received gracious feedback on Kung Fu POD, and I am hoping to film some new episodes.  

As a matter of fact we have a new one out this month, so please subscribe and check it out.  I am also hoping to launch an audio podcast, which will be a bit of a departure from my usual Wah Lum and kung fu related subjects.  I’d like to delve into different subcultures that I am passionate about and chat with experts in those areas. (comic books, film, music, food, other cultures and traditions, etc.)  Of course there will be some martial arts episodes, but I am hoping to explore new cultures and subcultures too.  The name of the podcast is Culture Chat.  Please  listen and don’t be too critical, since this is all fairly new for me.  I know so many interesting and knowledgable people, and I felt they should share their stories and wisdom with others.  The first few episodes have already been recorded, so I am hoping to post some of them soon.  When I get back from Brazil I will be working on getting it on iTunes.

During my travels in Brazil, I plan to continue to write this blog, and also work on the Culture Chat podcast.  So if you give it a chance, I think you’ll enjoy the chats.  I am also hoping you will hold me accountable to getting it done!  I am always interested in meeting new people from different cultures, so reach out and say hello and let me know if you would like to have a chat on my podcast!  Also, let me know what other subcultures you are interested in hearing about in the comment box below or on Twitter or Instagram.

SINCE THIS WAS PUBLISHED: I have an update!  I am already LIVE on iTunes and Google Play!

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