Wah Lum Kung Fu Little Mantis




  • Uniforms:
    • Uniforms may not be altered.
    • Full uniform must be worn to class, or student cannot participate in class. (Wah Lum issued: Shirt, shoes, pants, sash)
    • Please bring your sash to your first class.  Your instructor will teach you how to tie the sash.
  • Class Rules:
    • Students must arrive at least 5 min prior to classes, but no earlier than 10 minutes and check in on the iPad or laptop in the Temple.
    • Students must bow before entering the training area and before leaving the Temple (for respect).
    • Students must listen carefully to Sifu and all assistant instructors (Si-Jye and Si-Hings).
    • Students must focus during class.
    • No cursing or using inappropriate language.
    • Treat all Little Mantis brothers and sisters with respect and patience.
    • Students cannot touch weapons, drums, lions, or any other equipment.
    • If special assistance is required to use the bathroom, parents must stay on the premise and notify us they need assistance.
    • All tuition and membership must be current to participate in class.
  • Parent Observation Policy:
    • Parents may not observe the class: From experience, it is disruptive to the children and the instructors to have the students looking back at their parents during class. It does not benefit student concentration and attention to training.  They will get more out of class if we have their undivided attention. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
    • Parent Observation Day:  ON OCCASION we will schedule parent observations or host small in house performances.
  • Photo / Video / Social Media:
    • You may not take photos during class, but you can take a photo of your child in uniform before or after class.
    • You may post PHOTOS ONLY and TAG us at @wahlumtemple on Instagram or Facebook.
    • Any videos taken at the Wah Lum Temple are prohibited from being used on any public share sites, such as but not limited to, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. without permission.
    • We also ask you refrain from video taping your forms and posting them online.
    • While we are happy with your enthusiasm, our forms are a part of the traditional Wah Lum system and we would like to keep the privacy of our style within the system.  Grandmaster Chan has worked hard to keep the system traditional and to ensure that students are only learning from certified Sifus
  • Drop Off & Pick Up:
    • Please remember to drop off your child no earlier than 10 minutes before class and pick up no later than 5 minutes after class.  Class times are M, W, F: 5:15 pm – 6:05pm, SAT 11:00am – 11:50am
    • There is a waiting area by the fish pond.
    • If parents decide to wait in the car, we ask that they do not leave the cars running as this is a hazard for the students, since we often train outdoors.
    • Extended Care: $10 per 15 minutes (before or after classes).  Please let the office know if you plan to utilize this program.
  • Testing Policy:
    • Your child will test once they reach a certain level in the curriculum.  We will inform you when your child is ready to test by email.
    • Review the Q&A with your Little Mantis to help them prep for their testing and to keep them up to date.
  • Communications:
    • A weekly newsletter will be sent with important information on the school.  Please read them!  They are short and informative and let you know of any schedule changes.  Your information is never shared.
    • To join our secret members only Wah Lum Warrior FACEBOOK GROUP – please add us as a friend and request to join the group HERE. Get tips, advice, and secret kung fu moves are revealed to our members only!
  • Keep Us Updated:
    •  If at any time, you change any information, including emails, contact info, and bank account, please notify the office immediately so we can update our records.
  • Safety – Please be aware of the following areas at the Temple:
    • The plum flower poles and any garden area are strictly off limits.
    • Kids must not play/jump from the stage area located on the left patio.
    • No plants or fruits on the property are to be disturbed or eaten.
  • Parent Seminar:
    • Sifu Mimi presents a seminar to all the parents covering topics that range from the benefits of Kung Fu in a child’s life to how to respond when a child announces they do not want to come to Kung Fu. You can watch her entire seminar by CLICKING HERE
      The password is PS2018
  • Student Evaluation
    • If at anytime the student is not progressing or disruptive to the class, the Wah Lum Temple may determine that private lessons are a better fit for the Little Mantis.  A parent meeting will be scheduled to go over options if necessary.
    • First Month Evaluation
      • As our Little Mantis kids vary in maturity and the ability to thrive in a group environment, we consider the first month a trial period for both the school and the Little Mantis.  
      • During the first month of your child’s training, he/she will be evaluated to ensure he/she is ready for the class by tracking their progress and observing your child’s behavior in the class.
      • We encourage parents to voice any concerns they have with a Sifu during the trial period as well.  
      • If the Wah Lum Temple determines that he/she is not ready for the class, we will inform parents immediately and discuss options for the student.


  1. Isn’t my child too young to be learning martial arts?

The program exposes children to an early martial arts education. We are convinced that this learning experience will be beneficial to the Child during their entire childhood and even into their adult life.

  1. How much kung fu can they learn at this age?

Children develop kung fu skills through basic exercises and build a proper foundation for their future in the Kids Program (when they turn 8 years old).

  1. When will my Child graduate to kids class?

Children are evaluated by their age, level, and individual progress.  Ultimately, it is up to the Sifus to determine if your child is ready to graduate.

  1. How do I know if my child is ready for Kids class?

Children must take the final Mantis test prior to graduation. (see Testing Policy for info)  Parents will be sent a letter notifying you of your child’s status, and their graduation date. The email will include the graduation date, office procedures, class schedules and options, and the next start up date for the Kids Program.

  1. Am I allowed to observe class?

From experience, it is disruptive to the children and the instructors to have the students looking back at their parents during focus groups. They will be more attentive and learn more effectively during focus groups if we have their undivided attention.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.  Parent/guardian can remain on the premise in one of our outdoor waiting areas during the entire class if you choose.

Any updates and new policies will be posted on: www.wahlum.com/member

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