Little Mantis Handbook

Little Mantis Curriculum

LM 15  – Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu:
  • Yi-Bei, Sow, and Hoy Ma, Kung Fu Bow
  • Elbow To Toe
  • Straight Leg Kicking
  • Duck Walking
  • Crab Walking
  • Monkey Walking
  • Frog Jumping
  • Panda Bear Crawl
  • Golden Chicken March
Questions: 1-3

LM 14 – Kung Fu Monkey

Kung Fu:
  • Bai Fut Sow
  • Iron Bridge
  • Side To Side
  • Forward Bend
  • Straight Punching
  • Locking Hands Basic Form
  • Power position
  • Rabbit
  • One Leg Jumping (both sides)
  • Side step
  • Log Roll (both directions)
Questions: 1-5

LM 13 – Kung Fu Tiger

Kung Fu:
  • Splits
  • Side Punching
  • Cut Eyebrow Kicking
  • 8 Basic Horses: #1-4 (English)
  • 8 Chain Punch Basic Form
  • Side Roll
  • Skipping
  • Inchworm
  • Bird-Dog Holds
Questions: 1-6

LM 12 – Kung Fu Dragon

Kung Fu:
  • Grab Side Punch
  • 8 Basic Horse Stances : #1-8 (RIGHT fwd/bkwd)
  • Basic Punches: #1-4
  • Egg Rolls
  • Plank
  • Kneeling walk
  • Tiger Crawl
Questions: 1-11

PW 11 – Kung Fu Mantis  

Kung Fu:
  • Yi-Bei, Kung Fu Bow with footwork
  • 8 Basic Horse Stances : #1-8 (both sides fwd/bkwd in  Chinese/English)
  • Front Roll
  • Scorpion Walking
  • Backward Running
Questions: 1-14


  1. What is the meaning of the word Sifu?
    Answer: Instructor, teacher.
  2. What is the meaning of the word Si-Jye and SiHing? Answer: Older kung fu sister and brother
  3. What is the meaning of Kung Fu?
    Answer: Hard Work
  4. What is the name of your kung fu style?
    Wah Lum Kung Fu
  5. What is the name of the Grandmaster?
    Grandmaster P. Chan
  6. What are the characters on the altar?
    Middle: Foh Gee Do Jun (Control)
    Right side: Jeen Jo, Jeen See, Jeen Gaau Do (Respect Grand Master, Respect Sifu, Respect Teachings)
    Left side: Hok Yan, Hok Yi, Hok Kung Fu (Learn Kindness, Learn Fellowship, Learn Hard Work)
    Top: Wah Lum Pai (Wah Lum System)
  7. Why do we bow to the altar?
    Answer: To pay respect to past masters that taught Wah Lum Kung Fu
  8. What does Yi-Bei, Sow, and Hoy Ma mean? Answer: Start , Finish, Open Stance
  1. Name 1 of each: Sifu – Si-Jye – Si-Hing.  Answer: Based on child’s response
  1. Count to 10 in Chinese: yat, yee, samm, sei, umm, luk, chut, baat, gau, sap
  2. 8 Basic Stances: Riding Horse Stance (HS), Hill Climbing HS, Lady HS, Cat HS, 7 Star HS, Crushed HS, Kneeling HS, Butterfly HS
  3. 8 Basic Stances: Sei Ping ma, Dang saan ma, lui gee ma, dio ling ma, chat sing ma, baai ma, gwai ma, woo dip ma
  4. Why do you study kung fu? Answer: Based on child’s response
  5. Why do we do bai fut sow? To get our legs strong, focus, and breathe better


To keep your Child learning and progressing, we require a periodical evaluation.  The test will consist of a verbal portion of simple questions as well as a physical demonstration of the movements and basics in their level.  This gives a Sifu one on one time with your Peewee, and allows them to ensure they are progressing.

All Children are different, so a Sifu will decide when a Child should test, but listed below is a basic timeline.  Testing is $15, payable prior to the test date.  Upon passing, your Child will receive a certificate during one of the classes.  Please keep in mind that the testing schedule below is an ‘estimated’ timeline. Several factors determine testing: attendance, age, ability, etc.

Estimated TESTING TIMELINE pending your child’s age.

PW 15 – Panda Level: Within 3 months

PW 14 – Monkey Level: Within 5 months

PW 13 – Tiger Level: Within 7 months

PW 12 – Dragon Level: Within 1 years

PW 11 – Mantis Level: Within 1-3 years



On a rare occasion we have children that may be ready to move to our kids class earlier than 8.  This will be determined by Sifu Mimi Chan.