Little Mantis Handbook




To support your child’s continuous learning and advancement, we conduct periodical evaluations.  The test comprises a verbal component with simple questions and a physical demonstration of movements and basics relevant to their level. This provides an opportunity for a one-on-one session with a Sifu to ensure your child’s progress.

Instructors will assess and determine when your child is prepared for testing.  The testing fee is $15 for all levels, except for the Mantis graduation test. Payment must be made before the scheduled test date. Upon successful completion, your child will receive a certificate, and you will have the opportunity to take a photo of them receiving it in front of the class.



















What is the meaning of the word Sifu?
Answer: Instructor, teacher.

What is the meaning of the word Si-Jye and SiHing?
Answer: Older kung fu sister and brother

What is the meaning of Kung Fu?
Answer: Hard Work

What is the name of your kung fu style?
Answer: Wah Lum Kung Fu

What are the characters on the martial arts altar?
Middle: Foh Gee Do Jun (Control)
Right side: Jeen Jo, Jeen See, Jeen Gaau Do (Respect Grand Master, Respect Sifu, Respect Teachings)
Left side: Hok Yan, Hok Yi, Hok Kung Fu (Learn Kindness, Learn Fellowship, Learn Hard Work)
Top: Wah Lum Pai (Wah Lum System)

Count to 10 in Chinese:
Answer: yat, yee, samm, sei, umm, luk, chut, baat, gau, sap

What is the name of the Grandmaster?
Answer: Grandmaster P. Chan

Why do we bow to the altar?
Answer: To pay respect to past masters that taught Wah Lum Kung Fu

What does Yi-Bei, Sow, and Hoy Ma mean?
Answer: Start , Finish, Open Stance

Name 1 of each: Sifu – Si-Jye – Si-Hing.
Answer: Based on child’s response

8 Basic Stances Names in English:
Riding Horse Stance (HS), Hill Climbing HS, Lady HS, Cat HS, 7 Star HS, Crushed HS, Kneeling HS, Butterfly HS

8 Basic Stances Names in Chinese:
Sei Ping ma, Dang saan ma, lui gee ma, dio ling ma, chat sing ma, baai ma, gwai ma, woo dip ma

Why do you study kung fu?
Answer: Based on child’s response