7 Ways To Know If Your Nutrition Plan Is Working

Sometimes, it can be tough to tell if you’re making progress on your journey to become the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of yourself.

Because many of the common ways to measure progress — body composition, blood work, and the scale — are prone to false negatives.

They can make it seem as if nothing’s happening when, in fact, you’re making great progress.

That’s why it’s important to use other progress indicators as well. So, before you give up on a nutrition plan, consider whether…

You feel satisfied after meals.

That might be because you’re eating slowly, choosing fresh foods, and leaving less room in your diet for processed foods reviving the appetite and never seeming to fill you up.

You have more energy. 

One day, you wake up one minute before your alarm. Your eyes are open. Do you even feel… kind of… happy?

You’re sleeping better.

All of a sudden, you seem to wind down an hour before bedtime without a problem. You follow your sleep ritual and conk out easier than ever. 

You feel great.

And you’re making friends with your body shape and size.

You’re in a better mood.

More confident, like change is possible.

You’re stronger and have more endurance.

Maybe you start to notice your muscles aren’t as sore, you can do more work overall, and you’re fresher and recover better.

It feels more like a lifestyle.

You’re just… living. You’re in a nice, natural normal-day rhythm that doesn’t feel like being “on” or “off” anything.

Each of these progress indicators can show you real, meaningful change.

Sifu Oscar


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