Returning Wah Lum members

We are thrilled you are back to resume your training at the Wah Lum Temple.  Please read below for a smooth transition into your return.


Will I learn the same material? 

Yes!  We are a standardized system, so you will be learning the same curriculum you were before leaving and you will be be required to review all previous material taught.

Will I pick up where I left off or do I need to test again?

A student who has not been an active Wah Lum member for more than 1 year will need to retest starting at the 10B level. 

Is the tuition cost different? 

Please check with the office regarding the most recent prices for tuition.

Can I wear my previous uniform? 

Yes, but please make sure the uniform follows the guidelines listed down below. 

Students are required to wear Wah Lum Temple issued uniforms.

Kung fu uniform: The original Wah Lum of USA t-shirts and Wah Lum issued kung fu pants (viscose or printed), sash and Temple issued kung fu shoes. 

 – shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. that have other school names, cities, etc. are not permitted

 – shoes with brand names are not permitted (feiwei, etc.) 

 – alternative colors and designs of Wah Lum shirts are not permitted to be worn in class

Tai Chi uniform: Black tai chi jacket or White tai chi t-shirts and Wah Lum issued pants (viscose or printed), Temple issued shoes.

– Exceptions:  Occasionally we have students that wear a size 17 shoe or larger and have received approval for alternative shoes. We also have individuals with a doctor’s note indicating their need for specific shoes to be worn during exercise.  The Temple must approve the shoe before being allowed to be worn in class.


Welcome back to Wah Lum!!! 

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