Effective February 1, 2024

Subject to change

Students agree to adhere to Wah Lum policy in order to attend class sessions.

  1. Uniform Policy: 
    • Students must wear the school uniform at all times, including Wah Lum Temple-issued shoes, shirt, pants, and sash (for kung fu) or they will not be permitted to participate in class. 
  2. Class Attendance: 
    • Students may only attend classes on their scheduled days, and makeup classes are not available. A $20 fee applies for drop-in classes on unscheduled days. 
    • If missing more than 2 consecutive classes, see OUR POLICY on makeup classes.
    • Students agree to CHECK IN up to 15 minutes prior to class. If arriving early, they must not disturb the previous class and stay away from training areas. 
  3. Scheduling and Training Areas: 
    • Classes may not be held on national or local holidays, scheduled vacations, school activities, or other times selected by the school. 
    • Students agree to rotate days between training in different areas (patio, inside the Temple, parking lot). 
    • Student understands that it may be hot and/or raining when they are training in parking lot. 
  4. Weapons and Personal Items: 
    • Students must use their own weapons/equipment and take them home daily. 
    • Any items in the locker room or on the property are at the student’s own risk. 
  5. Hygiene and Sanitization:
    • Students are asked to download and use the PAYPAL APP for touch-free transactions. 
    • Frequent hand sanitization is mandatory. 
    • Students must wipe down any surfaces touched and use paper towels when opening and closing doors, faucets, etc. 
    • Shower use is limited to 10 minutes. 
  6. Health Guidelines, Symptoms, and Common Sense: 
    • Students cannot attend class if they show any signs of illness or a cold.
    • If student tests positive for COVID-19 or any contagious illness, they must STAY HOME until all symptoms are gone and are no longer contagious. 
    • STAY HOME if experiencing symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, runny nose, GI symptoms, loss of smell or taste, disequilibrium, muscle aches, weakness, chills, or headache
    • For any contagious virus, wear a mask if exposed. Be cautious around vulnerable individuals and maintain distance. Training while sick is not allowed or considerate. 

The Temple reserves the right to change the schedule, protocols, and policies at any time. 

The Temple prioritizes your safety and health, ensuring the best possible instruction in kung fu, tai chi, and fitness!

We have implemented extra precautions, including thorough cleaning and sanitization after every class, and stay informed through continuous updates form medical professionals and other reliable resources.

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