Wah Lum Tai Chi



  • First Day:
    • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to sign in at the front office, and warm up.
    • There is a key rack located by the bathrooms and on the left patio.
    • Extra uniforms and shoes can be purchased in the front office.  There is also always water, Gatorade, and quick snacks for sale.
    • Scan In for Attendance: You will be sent via email a barcode so that you can scan in before class.
      • Scan in times are: 20 minutes before class or 10 minutes after class has begun.  You may laminate it, put it on a sticker, or use your mobile device to scan in.
  • Uniforms:
    • Uniforms may not be altered.
    • Full uniform must be worn to class, or you will not be permitted to participate in class. (Wah Lum issued:  TC jacket, shoes, and pants comes with the registration. TC shirts are sold separately)
  • Photo / Video / Social Media:
    • You may not take photos during class, but you can take a photo in uniform after class.
    • Any videos, photographs, or images taken at the Wah Lum Temple are prohibited from being used on any public share sites, such as but not limited to, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.  While we are happy with your enthusiasm, these images are a part of the traditional Wah Lum system and we would like to keep the privacy of our style within the system.  Grandmaster Chan has worked hard to keep the system traditional and to ensure that students are only learning from certified Sifus
  • Testing Policy:
    • You will test once you have reached a certain level in the curriculum.
    • An instructor will inform you when you are ready to test and registration info will be sent by email.
  • Communications:
    • A weekly newsletter will be sent with important information on the school.  Please read them!  They are short and informative and let you know of any schedule changes.  Your information is never shared.
    • To join our secret members only Wah Lum Warrior FACEBOOK GROUP – please add us as a friend and request to join the group HERE. Get tips, advice, and secret kung fu moves are revealed to our members only!
  • Keep Us Updated:
    •  If at any time, you change any information, including emails, contact info, and bank account, please notify the office immediately so we can update our records.
  • Safety – Please be aware of the following areas at the Temple:
    • The plum flower poles and any garden area are strictly off limits.
    • Do not play/jump from the stage area located on the left patio.
    • Please wait on the porch for pick up as the parking lot is busy.
    • No plants or fruits on the property are to be disturbed or eaten.

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