FlexMastery: Optimized Mobility for Martial Arts

The Fast-Track Route to Mastery: Unlock Unprecedented Gains in Kung Fu Strength, Flexibility, and Recovery Without Time Holding You Back!

Are you a dedicated martial artist grappling with time constraints?

FlexMastery is your no-excuses program, dedicated to achieving unparalleled gains in Kung Fu Strength, Flexibility, and Recovery.


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Break Through Your Plateau

Does it feel as though an invisible ceiling is inhibiting your progress?

FlexMastery is your key to mastering new moves, pushing beyond your limits, and witnessing tangible improvements day after day.

Designed for the Time-Poor Practitioner

Life’s demands can be overwhelming, leaving little time for your passion—martial arts.

FlexMastery is tailored for practitioners committed to superior performance, providing a solution to the perpetual struggle with time.

The FlexMastery Difference

  • Instant Access to Video Tutorials and Lessons: Train anytime, anywhere with premium quality tutorials delivered straight to your phone.

  • Daily Movement Routines: Tailored routines for Kung Fu preparation, ensuring your training aligns with your goals.

  • Targeted Training Routine: Eliminate guesswork with routines designed to equip you for the demands of Kung Fu.

  • Convenience: Train at your pace, on your time, right in your home. FlexMastery is compatible with minimal or no equipment, fitting perfectly into your busy schedule.

  • Personalized Coaching: Direct guidance from your coach through our app, ensuring you’re never alone in your Kung Fu journey. Weekly 15 minute coaching calls to keep you accountable and on track.


Experience a Wave of Transformation

  • Prepare Your Body: Meticulously designed routines prepare your body for the intense demands of Kung Fu.

  • Master Your Stances: Improve balance and fluidity with targeted training, helping you sink deeper into your stances.

  • Elevate Your Kicks: FlexMastery strengthens joints and muscles, leading to higher and stronger kicks.

  • Save Time With Effective Coaching: Your expert coach provides efficient training, maximizing results with each session.


Watch this short video on Why we created FlexMastery


FlexMastery 8 Week Course

Phase 1: Building Your Foundation (4 weeks)

  • Embark on a mission to expand your workspace. In this phase, we’ll focus on enhancing internal and external rotation of the hips and shoulders, along with perfecting spinal segmentation.

  • You’ll also engage in active stretching to elevate your riding horse stance and hill climbing horse stance- the two foundational stances in traditional martial arts.

Phase 2: Bridging the Gap (4 weeks)

  • Phase 2 bridges the divide between your active and passive range of motion.

  • Identify weak points, areas where flexibility exists but strength is lacking.

  • We intensify active stretching to fortify your stances, ensuring a seamless blend of flexibility and strength.

FlexMastery Investment Options

  • 8 Week – 2 Phase FlexMastery: $349

  • 4 Week – 1 Phase at a time: $199



Join FlexMastery and unlock the power of Weekly 15-Minute Zoom Calls with your coach. These sessions will review your progress from the previous week and set you up for success in the upcoming week! (worth $249)

This bonus is the secret ingredient to maximize your success with FlexMastery!

Ready to transform your martial arts journey? Enroll now and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!

Watch the Video Tour of FlexMastery Week 1 Below!



Unmatched Value: Bonuses That Sweeten the Deal

  • Bonus #1 – Exclusive Training Webinar (worth $99) – FREE: Dive deep into advanced techniques and insider secrets of mobility in this power-packed webinar.

  • Bonus #2 and #3 – Posture Basics and Strength Stretching Master Principles Videos (worth $49) – FREE: Take your understanding and execution of Kung Fu techniques to new heights with these comprehensive videos.





Combined, these bonuses offer a value of $148, gifted to you ABSOLUTELY FREE just for showing interest in FlexMastery.

Our Commitment to Your Success:

The FlexMastery Guarantee

Enroll in FlexMastery and give the program a wholehearted try  for  14 days.

If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, reach out to us. No long forms, no uncomfortable questions. We’ll refund every penny promptly and without any hassle.

This guarantee reflects our confidence in FlexMastery and, more importantly, our confidence in you. It’s our way of ensuring that you have every opportunity to excel.

A Worthwhile Investment into YOU

FlexMastery is far more than a training program; it’s a comprehensive Kung Fu coaching solution designed to adapt to your needs and schedule.

The unparalleled expertise, extensive knowledge, and personalized coaching offered by FlexMastery are priceless.

You’re not just making a purchase; you’re investing in unlocking your ultimate potential and accelerating your journey towards Kung Fu mastery.

The Clock is Ticking: Seize the Moment

Every moment spent in indecision is a moment of potential growth slipping through your fingers. The path to Kung Fu mastery hinges on a single decision – the decision to act.

The opportunity is here, now. The question is – will you seize it, or let it slip away? Take the leap. Break the cycle. Begin your journey to mastery with FlexMastery.To your success, 

–Sifu Oscar

P.S. Explore the transformative potential of FlexMastery—your dedicated path to Kung Fu mastery.



Get a taste of FlexMastery with this Follow Along video that targets the Hip Capsule!