Temple FAQs

How do I tie my sash? 

Kung fu students: Males tie the sash on the left, females tie the sash on the right.  Your instructor will teach you how to tie your sash on your first day.

Am I allowed to bring friends to observe class?  

Friends and family are welcome to observe a class only if they are interested in attending classes.  We also limit to observation of class to 1 time.

Why do I bow to an altar? Is this religious? 

Bowing is a sign of respect in the Chinese culture and in martial arts etiquette is the action we use to show respect to our instructors as well as one another.  The altar is a martial arts altar and is in no way religious.  We bow to our ancestors before and at the end of class to show respect and gratitude for their teachings.

Why must I wear a uniform and kung fu shoes?

We are a traditional school and require all students to wear a uniform to class.  Kung Fu shoes are a part of that uniform.  In addition, kung fu shoes allow for proprioception and proper rooting.  Read and article about that HERE.

What if I am late to class? 

Quietly go along the sidewall to the front of the room and BOW in to the instructor and the altar.  Do 10 Push Ups and 10 Squats at the back of the room quietly to warm up then join the class at the back.

Do I need my handbook every class? 

Students are not required to bring their handbooks to class. But you are encouraged to read your handbook often!

I do not speak Chinese, how am I going to be able to keep up?

You are here to learn! As we are a traditional style, we will require you to learn the commands and to count in Chinese. We will teach you every step of the way.

Can I take photos and video of the Temple? How about of my forms? 

We do not allow videos or photos inside the Temple or at anytime during class.

You may take a photograph of yourself outside of the Temple.

You may post PHOTOS ONLY and TAG us at @wahlumtemple on Instagram or Facebook.

We also ask you refrain from video taping your forms and posting them online.

Any videos taken at the Wah Lum Temple are prohibited from being used on any public share sites, such as but not limited to, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. without permission.

While we are happy with your enthusiasm, our forms are a part of the traditional Wah Lum system and we would like to keep the privacy of our style within the system.  Grandmaster Chan has worked hard to keep the system traditional and to ensure that students are only learning from certified Sifus

How long does it take to become proficient? 

This depends on you! How often you come to class, how consistent you are, and how hard you train.  There will be progress checks along the way and you can always consult with an instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

Who are the Sifu’s at the Temple?  

All instruction in the System is under the direction of Grandmaster Chan.  The Sifu’s/Certified Instructors at the Temple are: Sifu Mimi Chan, Sifu Tu Truong, Sifu Marcus Chinfatt, Sifu Oscar Agramonte, and Sifu Jason Sanford.  We also have an amazing assistant instructor staff who you will get to know!

Is there anything else I should know? 

We are here to guide you every step of the way!  However, we encourage students to read their handbook, and for those interested in truly understanding the philosophy and culture of Wah Lum to purchase Grandmaster Chan’s RED philosophy book available in the front office.

We also encourage you to watch our award-winning documentary Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer.  Available in the front office or on Amazon.

What if I want to attend class on a day that is not scheduled for me?

As long as the class is not at capacity, we allow drop-in classes for an $20 drop-in fee.  See the office at least 15 minutes prior to class to register for your drop in.

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